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Leaks & Foundation Damage

Plumbing leaks can cause major damage to foundations. Even the smallest of leaks can create ongoing issues that are exacerbated by unrelated problems as well as general aging. 

Water erodes a foundation over time. If the foundation already contains cracks, the presence of water, especially in the winter can create critical issues. Water seeps into cracks, where it then freezes and expands, furthering the damage to the foundation. 

Even without pre-existing cracking, plumbing leaks can become a serious headache for a homeowner. Small leaks may seem innocuous on the surface, but can raise a water bill by 25% a month! Over time this moisture is absorbed into the soil, which will create upward strain on a concrete foundation, eventually leading to serious cracking or total failure. 

Professional Assessment

It is important to get a professional assessment immediately if you suspect a plumbing leak. WTX Foundation Repair suggests working with a licensed plumber as well as a foundation repair expert from WTX. 

An assessment by professionals will ensure that the information necessary to file an insurance claim is documented correctly. This is especially crucial as while most homeowners insurance policies do not cover foundation damage caused by floods, it does cover foundation damage caused by internal floods, or floods caused from within the home. 

Having the correct causes confirmed by professionals with proper documentation will help greatly when filing a homeowners insurance claim to help cover foundation damages. 

Preventative Measures

There are countless ways for water to damage your home’s foundation. This is why WTX Foundation Repair suggests taking as many preventative measures as possible. 

Waterproofing a home’s foundation can help mitigate risk. But the greatest risk mitigation measure homeowners can take is to not delay if they detect any warning signs. 

Contact a foundation repair specialist at WTX today if you believe your home’s foundation might be affected by water damage.

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