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Adobe has provided sturdy and reliable shelter to New Mexico residents for centuries. The heavy clay soil has remained a staple element in modern southwestern architecture. While adobe has withstood the test of time aesthetically, it does not always stand firm against the elements. Many adobe structures are prone to cracking under extreme weather conditions. In some cases, a faulty foundation or other underlying issues could be to blame. Cracking could cause permanent damage to your home if left untreated.  

How to Recognize Cracks in Your Adobe 

Depending on the finish of your adobe home, the size of cracks can range from subtle to obvious. Cracks in smooth-finish adobe are more obvious to the naked eye, while rough-finish adobe does a better job of disguising the cracks. The rough finish makes the cracks less noticeable, but don’t be fooled! Just because a crack is not super noticeable does not mean you should ignore it. 

So, where should you look for cracks? Generally, cracks appear near door frames, window frames, or any area where the adobe is interrupted. These interruption areas make it easier for shifts in the adobe to occur. Those shifts can, then, lead to further or more severe cracking. 

What Causes Cracks in Adobe? 

A variety of deeper issues can cause adobe cracks. One of these issues is a settling foundation. As the weather becomes more extreme (with more moisture and freezing) in the winter, the soil under your home shifts. The soil under your house expands as it absorbs moisture and contracts as it dries. Over time, these subtle changes can shift the foundation, which causes cracks in the adobe.  

Other conditions that might lead to cracks are:  

  • Improper construction 
  • Settled interior support piers 
  • Deteriorated framing 

What Should You Do When You Notice Cracks in Your Adobe? 

Adobe cracks are just signs that there may be bigger problems with your foundation. You can fill and repair the individual cracks in your stucco, but that’s only a temporary fix. If you ignore the deeper issues, those cracks could worsen and become more permanent, which could mean you’d face costly damage to your home.   

To get a better sense of what you’re dealing with, you should call in foundation experts to inspect their home. You need an expert’s help to identify the cause of your adobe cracking, recommend solutions, and even work to resolve potential issues with your home’s structure. 

At WTX Foundation Repair, we have extensive experience with foundation repair. Our foundation experts are knowledgeable and passionate about maintaining the integrity of New Mexico’s beautiful adobe homes. If you are experiencing difficulties with your home, contact us to schedule your free consultation.