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It’s the start of another year, and your resolutions list, whether long or short, is sure to make this year better than the last. However, while you’re working on yourself, why not work on your house? There’s no better way to start the new year than home repair and improvement, making sure you feel proud and secure in your environment. Here are some ways to refurbish your home for a better 2022.

Check for signs of foundation repair

Some common signs of foundation problems are foundation cracks, wall cracks in your rooms or basement, ceiling cracks, uneven or warped floors, and sticking windows or doors. As foundations settle and sink, these problems can arise over time and the damage can depend on the severity of the settlement over time. Foundation damage, which can lead to long-term structural damage, is best if caught and repaired early. If you’re noticing signs of foundation damage throughout your home, schedule a consultation with a professional so they can evaluate the damage and give their recommendations for a smooth repair.

Inspect uneven floors or slabs

While inspecting your home for foundation damage, you may notice bowing floors or doors and cabinets that don’t align properly. This could be a sign of foundation damage throughout your home. When concrete begins to crack and settle, there are a few ways to handle the problem. Either replace the slab entirely, raise the slab by mud jacking, or use PolyPier; a polyurethane foam that expands. The foam is injected through a dime-size hole into voids and spaces beneath sunken concrete to lift it permanently. This is a much less invasive method than traditional mud jacking which involves larger holes and heavy equipment which could damage your landscape. Plus, you’ll be able to use your surface on the same day with the quick-drying/setting and it lasts much longer.

Consider waterproofing

Water damage can be incredibly detrimental to the integrity of your home. Moisture in basements or crawl spaces can move upward, causing rotting and mold. To protect your home from water damage, consider renovating the vulnerable parts of your home. Damp proofing, which applies a waterproof coating to the foundation, waterproofing paints, and primers, and installing an exterior or interior drainage system are just a few ways to keep out moisture and waterproof your home.

Invest in your home in 2022

Adding home repair to your New Year’s resolution list will ensure lasting safety and comfort in your home while avoiding costly repairs down the road. WTX Foundation repair offers a 100% lifetime warranty, so you can be sure that this year’s resolutions will reward you for years to come. Proudly offering quality foundation, concrete, house leveling, and waterproofing services to the whole Texas Panhandle and Eastern New Mexico, contact WTX Foundation Repair for your free consultation today!