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As the prime moving season is among us, you may be getting ready to sell your home and are in the market for your dream home. Before making this important purchase, it is vital that you understand the actual condition of the home, including its foundation. In Texas, like most other states, it is required that sellers disclose information about all issues associated with their house, including foundation problems. The seller should repair any foundation issues before putting a home on the market. However, sellers are not required to fix problems, but they must inform buyers of any problems within their knowledge.  

Most sellers will repair foundation issues before putting the house on the market because it is difficult for a buyer to obtain a mortgage if the foundation is damaged. Even homebuyers who are paying cash and do not require a bank loan are reluctant to buy a house with any structural defects. It is still essential for homebuyers to recognize signs of foundation issues to ensure a potential new home is in good condition, and for the right price.  

How to Spot Foundation Issues 

Before you decide about purchasing a home, you need to have a solid understanding of the home’s foundation problems. No matter where you buy your home, the signs of potential foundation issues are the same. While small cracks in a foundation are nothing unusual and often do not require any significant repairs, some larger cracks should cause concern. Some of the problems to look for are noticeable sloping in the floor, large cracks in the foundation, floor or ceiling, thin cracks in the interior or exterior walls, and difficulty opening windows and doors.  

While these are signs that the home could have a foundation problem, various other factors could cause the issue. The problem could involve anything from a thorough patching job to a significant overhaul and reinforcement of the foundation. The best way to know with certainty if the house’s foundation is damaged is to order a foundation inspection from a licensed professional. 

What Does a Foundation Repair Inspector Do? 

Because the cost of foundation repair can be extensive if a home is highly damaged, it is imperative to have a house foundation thoroughly inspected before buying the home. Foundation inspectors will do a detailed search for signs of foundation problems. These may include crooked doors, gaps between the frieze board and the brick, separation of brick from the window frames, cracks in the drywall, warped floors, and more. The inspector will not only look for a foundation issue but also what has caused the problem. The inspector can recommend ways to prevent further impact on the foundation and prevent it in the future.  

Who Pays for the Repair of the Foundation? 

If the seller is unaware that the house has foundation repair problems before the inspection, the buyer can work out an agreement where the homeowner fixes the structure and then includes the cost of the work in the house sales price. The repairs can be costly, so it is essential to get this resolved before purchasing the home. Having the foundation fixed in advance allows the buyer to include those repair costs in the mortgage price, saving out of pocket-expense. The homebuyer can also request the seller to reduce the cost of the property, allowing them to work with a contractor of their choosing. 

Should You Call a Professional?   

If you need a foundation inspection from a licensed professional or know you need the foundation fixed, reach out to WTX Foundation Repair for a free consultation! WTX Foundation Repair has over 20 years of experience and offers foundation repair, concrete lifting and leveling, house leveling, and waterproofing services. Protect your future home and contact us today! 

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