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Your foundation is not only important for the look of your home but for your home’s construction and stability. Slight settling under the home is normal, but excessive settling can be extremely detrimental to your home and should be watched closely. However, keeping an eye on your home’s foundation can be tricky as it is, well, underneath your home. Most people know to look for common signs, such as visible cracks in drywall, but there are some other surprising symptoms of a cracked foundation to watch out for as well:   

Strange Smells 

Have you noticed an unusual or musty smell wafting through your house? This could be from an unsettled foundation! When a house is no longer on even ground or is possibly shifting apart, this creates gaps in the structure. Air is then able to move into your home from below the house or the space between the walls, causing the strange smell to travel throughout your living areas, or more commonly, the basement.  

Unusually High Moisture 

While most homes are sealed with drywall and paint to prevent moisture from entering the home, moisture could be seeping through the cracks if your home is no longer aligned. If your living areas seem excessively damp or humid, this could be a sign of foundation issues.  

Interior Damage 

You may find it surprising that foundation problems can affect the structures inside your home as well. If you’ve noticed cabinets are uneven, doors are sticking and hard to open and close, your trim is separating from the walls, or windows are a struggle to open and close, a cracked foundation could be to blame.  

Warped Floors or Ceilings 

A more visual sign of foundation problems is a sagging ceiling or warped floors. This most likely means your house is settling or compressing. If you’re unable to put a marble on the ground without it rolling one way or another, you may want to take note that a foundation issue is at hand.  

Should You Call a Professional?  

If you’re experiencing one or more of these signs, it may be time to reach out to someone for help. The best way to avoid further damage to your home and its foundation is to get it fixed as early as possible. WTX Foundation Repair has over 20 years of experience and offers foundation repair, concrete lifting and leveling, house leveling, and waterproofing services. Protect your home and contact us today for a free estimate! 

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