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When it comes to setting aside time to schedule visits and repairs for your foundation, you might be wondering what time of year is most optimal. Technically speaking, any time is a good time for foundation repair when it means you’re addressing a problem swiftly. Ignoring a sinking foundation risks having the issues worsen which could significantly increase the cost and extent of repairs.   

There is some debate amongst foundation repair experts on the “best” time for repairs, leveling, and lifting. Because external factors like humidity and weather play a large part in the health of your foundation, it makes sense that certain seasons or months might theoretically be better to perform repairs in.  

Foundation Repair in the Winter 

Generally, winter is the supposed ideal season for foundation repair. One of the main culprits of foundation wear-and-tear is moisture from rainy or humid weather, followed by dry heat, causing the soil surrounding the foundation to expand and shrink repeatedly. Conversely, cold weather makes the soil more stable and easier to work with.  

Another perk of winter fixes is that you’re more likely to be available to oversee repairs over the holiday season and vacation days. However, this could also prove to be an inconvenience to some depending on the level of repairs needed and how invasive the process might be. Be sure to discuss estimated length of projects whenever talking to your foundation expert, so you know what you’re getting into. 

Foundation Repair in the Fall & Spring 

The next best time to schedule repairs is during the more temperate parts of the fall and spring months. This avoids Texas’ rainy season around April and May which could complicate the repair process. Monsoon season in New Mexico might also affect the effectiveness of foundation projects in the NM area. 

Spring is when many homeowners report noticing more cracks in their foundations which worsen during the summer months. In that case, monitoring cracks and foundations closely is of the utmost importance as the outside temperature rises. It’s also around this time when you should start calling in foundation specialists to begin inspecting your home, so that repairs can be scheduled in advance. 

The Sooner, the Better When it Comes to Foundation Repair 

Foundational issues wait for no one, and certainly won’t wait to happen during a particular season. Problems with your foundation tend to arise at the most inconvenient times and will only become worse if ignored. Not to mention, prolonged foundation damage opens you up to many other problems, as it can allow pests to enter your home, encourage harmful mold growth, cause plumbing issues, and increase your utility bills. While winter might be what some call the “best” time to schedule repairs, don’t wait!  

If you notice any telltale signs of foundational damage, such as cracks in floors and walls, mold growth, damp crawlspaces, and gaps between corners, doors, and windows, have one of our foundation experts at WTX Foundation Repair give you a free consultation.  

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