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The foundation your home sits on, like everything else, experiences wear and tear over time. At some point, you may begin asking yourself, “should I get my home’s foundation inspected?” 

Getting your home’s foundation inspected will help identify whether potential issues are harmless or will need repairing to avoid more severe damage down the road. If left unchecked, damage to your home’s foundation can cause structural issues, plumbing issues, and other extensive problems that will cost you more as time goes on.   

Importance of Periodic Inspections  

Maybe you have lived in your home for some time and have not experienced any significant problems. That does not mean you should not have an inspection performed! It is recommended to have periodic inspections every five to seven years for homeowners, even if you do not notice any signs of damage. Since the weather and climate of the Texas Panhandle can often be wild and unpredictable, periodic inspections will allow you to catch potential problems early before they have a chance to become bigger ones.  

When Buying or Selling Your Home 

A foundation inspection is necessary anytime you buy a new home to assure you there will be no surprise costs or issues in the future. However, you should also consider an inspection if you are planning to sell your property. A report showing your home is free from foundation issues can be a major selling point as most new homeowners will pay more for a sense of security. If problems are discovered, however, you will already have the issues detected and can negotiate accordingly. 

Noticeable Signs of Foundation Damage 

Aside from buying or selling your home, your foundation needs an inspection if you notice obvious signs of damage or advanced settling. If these issues are left alone, they could lead to further damage and costly fixes. A few things to look for include:  

  • Interior cracks over top of window and door frames  
  • Doors or cabinets that do not open or close properly  
  • Sloping or slanted floors  
  • Moisture pooling underneath a crawl space  
  • Counters or cabinets that separate from the wall  
  • Large, open cracks in your foundation or exterior walls  


At WTX Foundation Repair, we take pride in being able to spot issues and working with you on maintaining your home’s foundation. We offer free consultations and a 100% lifetime warranty to ensure your home is protected for decades to come. We proudly serve West Texas and Eastern New Mexico, so contact us or visit our website for more information on our services!