Foundation Repair

Why You Should Care About Your Foundation in Dallas

You may spend time worrying about your roofs, windows, and appliances. While these items can…

WTX Foundation Repair is coming to Dallas, TX!

Buckle up, Dallas, because WTX Foundation Repair is headed your way. We are thrilled to…
Foundation Repair

A Free and Easy Concrete Repair Checklist

Our homes, office buildings, and yards require frequent maintenance. With all that to think about,…
Foundation Repair

Why Mold in Your Home Could be a Sign of Foundation Damage  

Mold can be a sign of many things in your home. For one, it can be a…
Foundation Repair
When is the Best Time for Foundation Repair? 
Foundation Repair
Top 5 Reasons to Fix Your Foundation Issues Immediately
Crawl Space
Find and Hire a Reliable Crawl Space Foundation Repair Contractor
drywall cracks
Foundation Repair
What You Should Know About Patching Drywall Cracks 
Foundation Repair
Repairing Pier and Beam Foundations – Essential Guide
foundation leveling
Why Do You Need Foundation Leveling?
Foundation Repair
Signs of Foundation Damage in Your Home or Commercial Building
Foundation Repair
Does Foundation Repair Increase the Value of Your Home?
Foundation Waterproofing vs. Dampproofing
Crack across a home wall
Foundation Repair
Foundation Damage Inspection: Homeowners Checklist
Foundation Repair
How to Crack Down on the Cracks in Your Adobe
Foundation Repair
Does Snow Affect My Home’s Foundation?
Red brick chimney
Foundation Repair
Why Your Chimney Could Show Foundation Damage
Squirrel sitting
Foundation Repair
The Impact Unwelcome Animals Can Have on Your Home’s Foundation
Foundation Repair
Foundation Damage is Common in Winter
Tape measure being used to measure crack in cement
Foundation Repair
New Year’s Resolutions for Home Repair
WTX Foundation Repair branded trailer

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