Foundation Repairs in the winter-winter backdrop

Foundation Repair During The Winter

Winter lasts around 4 months-from mid December until mid-March. During this time period, there are more benefits of winter foundation repair than one might realize. Furthermore, winter months are typically slower for foundation repair companies. They assume that foundation repairs would be too difficult with the cold weather. In addition, because of the colder weather […]

handful of soil

What Causes Foundation Problems Anyways?

Soils and Foundation Why do foundation problems occur? Where do these challenges begin and where do they end? The answers to these questions are not always simple. In fact, they are quite complex, but at the end of these questions stems one concept: soils. Soil plays a huge factor in how our foundations settle, sink, […]

winter foundation

Preparing your Foundation for Winter

Winter can be tough on your foundation. Cold temperatures cause soil to contract and shrink, leaving room for your foundation to settle and shift. Foundations that do this will often crack and leave openings for water or even pests. If you have snow and ice, it may melt and leak into your basement through foundation […]