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While a cracked or leaning chimney could simply be from Santa’s most recent visit, it is most likely a sign of foundation damage. Many homeowners are unaware of the correlation between chimney damage and foundation problems, but there is more in common than one may realize. So, here are some ways to ensure that your home (and Santa) is safe in the future.   

The foundation beneath your chimney is particularly prone to damage solely because of how chimneys are built. Some chimneys are even built on foundation slabs that do not connect to the rest of the home’s foundation. This separation makes this portion of the foundation vulnerable to begin with, as your chimney puts a lot of weight on the foundation below. Additionally, as your chimney is built vertically and stands alone, a chimney can put your foundation at risk for damage such as settling, animal activity, and time itself.   

There are many ways that your chimney can be damaged, and you might not even know about it. From tilting, cracking, and even separation from your home, your chimney is giving you subtle hints that there might be something wrong with your foundation. 

  • A chimney that tilts or leans is not only aesthetically unappealing and potentially dangerous, it also can be a sign of foundation damage. If the ground beneath your chimney is oversaturated due to an extended drought, the foundation below could shift or undergo extensive settling—thus causing a slanted chimney. 
  • While the average chimney is built with durable materials such as brick or rock fascia, they still aren’t meant to handle major shifts in the soil. That’s why many chimneys with foundation problems crack where the chimney and home meet. Luckily, a professional may install a pier system to prevent the problem from worsening. 
  • A chimney that is beginning to separate from your home is an indication of a worsening problem with your home’s foundation. Many homeowners attempt to patch up the newly formed cracks with caulk, foam, or other materials. However, it is essential to remember that this is only a temporary fix, and the cause of the problem should still be addressed. 

If your chimney is leaning, cracked, or exhibiting other signs of foundation problems, give WTX Foundation Repair a call. We take pride in being able to spot issues and working with you on maintaining your home’s foundation. We offer free consultations and a 100% lifetime warranty to ensure your home is protected for decades to come. We proudly serve West Texas and Eastern New Mexico, so contact us or visit our website for more information on our services!