concrete liftingConcrete is a material that is used everywhere; sidewalks, driveways, stairs, porches, garage floors, and more! It can be a durable material for construction, but like almost anything, exposure to the elements and time will wear it down. It may crack or begin to sink and settle causing an uneven surface and tripping hazards. Cracks can also allow water and pests through, which can cause further problems to the concrete and other parts of your home. You may need concrete lifting and leveling services!

Luckily, WTX Foundation Repair offers a solution for cracking and sinking concrete. Polypier is a two part polyurethane product that provides concrete lifting and leveling solutions. If you are experiencing issues with your concrete, WTX Foundation Repair can provide an inspection and estimate so you can know exactly what’s wrong and how we can fix it. We may decide Polypier is the correct repair solution for you.

Polypier as a Repair Solution

Polypier is a polyurethane product that is relatively quick, cost effective, and does not leave behind a mess when completed. A small hole is drilled into the concrete and down to the void that is below. Polyurethane is injected below the concrete. Polyurethane is a water resistant, strong material that when injected expands to fill the void below the concrete. This lifts and levels the concrete back into its original position removing tripping hazards and closing or nearly closing cracks. The polyurethane sets quickly, so the concrete can be used and walked on almost immediately.

If you are experiencing issues with your concrete, consider calling us here at WTX Foundation Repair. You don’t necessarily need to tear out and replace your concrete. You may be able to repair it. We will be able to tell you for sure. Give us a call today to schedule your free inspection and estimate. We look forward to working with you.