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Extreme weather and soil type are two of the most common factors in cracked concrete and foundation. Extreme weather can have different effects on your concrete depending on which type of soil you have. A drought or lack of moisture can cause the foundation to settle deeper into the soil, while too much moisture can cause the soil to increase in size, uplifting your foundation. Luckily, preventative maintenance can help keep your concrete slab foundation stable and in good shape. Here are some helpful tips for maintaining your concrete slab foundation:  

Maintain a Consistent Level of Moisture 

Keeping a consistent moisture level in the soil is crucial to avoid cracks and further damage to your slab. Too much or too little water can cause shifting that could impact the stability of your foundation. If you don’t have a sprinkler system, water hoses are another good solution to ensure your yard receives water, especially in high temperatures. Maintaining a consistent level of moisture will help prevent the soil from expanding or shrinking.  

Proper Drainage 

A good drainage system is a key to soil stability. A homeowner should ensure that spouts are pointed away from the foundation, especially in periods of extremely wet weather. Gutters are another helpful solution to keep water away from your foundation. Ensuring that your landscaping slopes downwards is another important tip to ensure water flows away and doesn’t pool by your home.  

Tree Placement 

Trees should never be placed too close to the home or slab, as large tree roots can expand beneath the concrete, putting pressure on the foundation walls, leading to cracks. Small shrubbery and landscaping around the home’s perimeter help lock in moisture and protect the home from cracks. Try keeping trees and large shrubbery close enough to the home to keep moisture in the soil but not close enough to where the roots may split your foundation. Alternatively, you can install a root barrier to help prevent foundation damage.  

Maintain a Consistent Indoor Temperature 

Did you know the temperature inside your home could also play a role in foundation maintenance? Extreme swings in temperature, even inside the home, can cause the concrete foundation to expand and contract. Maintaining a steady temperature throughout the home helps to control the soil’s behavior underneath.  

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