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We’ve all heard wise quotes about starting with a foundation. A solid foundation is key to anything – including homes and commercial buildings. Sometimes, however, a foundation can face damage. When this occurs, the entire foundation structure may be at risk. Therefore, you must recognize the early signs of foundation damage to avoid future devastating effects from unchecked foundation damage.   

What Causes Foundation Damage?   

Foundation damage can happen to any structure. Rely on our trusted, expert team for your foundation installation needs. Improper construction guarantees plenty of future problems. Foundations can also face damage from a variety of other sources, including:  

  • Growing tree roots  
  • Leaking plumbing  
  • Sinkhole formation  
  • Water and ice damage  
  • Soil erosion  

No matter the cause of your foundation damage, you should call the foundation experts right away before the condition worsens.   

Top Signs of Foundation Damage  

So, what should you look for when your foundation needs repair? Here are just a few of the top signs you need help from WTX Foundation Repair!  

Cracks in floors, walls, or the foundation itself  

An obvious sign that your foundation may not be stable is when you start seeing fractures throughout the building. These may appear both in your drywall as well as exterior walls. Pay attention to horizontal or diagonal cracks, as these can indicate that your foundation is under too much pressure. You can expect hairline fractures in the foundation when your foundation is newer. However, larger cracks could be something that a foundation-repair expert should check out. Also, look out for cracks in your chimney and tile areas.   

Doors don’t close as smoothly 

If several of your doors seem difficult to close, the cause could be a sagging foundation. Along with doors, test your windows to see how easy they are to open and close.   

Uneven floors  

Sagging or uneven floors can signify that your foundation is not level. While there can be other reasons for your floors to sag – especially in older buildings – you should consider the possibility that you’re facing foundation damage.   

Gaps around the doors and windows  

If you notice growing gaps around the windows and doors, foundation damage could be the cause. Check all your exterior doors and windows periodically so you can see and address the signs of foundation damage early.   

Damp crawlspace or basement  

Cracks or damage in your foundation means you’re probably seeing seepage, which could lead to further foundation damage. When you inspect these areas, look for visible water damage or mold signs. You may also notice the musty smell of mildew, which is a fairly reliable sign that you’ve got unwanted moisture seeping in.   

Next Step: Here’s How WTX Foundation Repair Can Help!  

If you notice any of these signs in your own home or commercial building, get your foundation inspected NOW! Don’t let the condition worsen and lead to many future problems. WTX Foundation Repair has the experts to keep your foundation in top condition in Midland and the Permian Basin. Call now for a FREE consultation today!