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Have you been spending more and more time at home? Not surprisingly, you may have occupied yourself with DIY home repairs, updates, upgrades, and thinking about the spaces you occupy in new ways. It’s the perfect time to ensure that your home’s foundation is in tip-top shape and if it is time to call in the professionals.   

Foundation Issues Happen 

Foundation issues can happen with any structure. So, foundation leveling is, then, necessary to correct those issues. However, foundation leveling doesn’t have to be intimidating or break the bank if you notice the issue and work to resolve it. If you have a property showing signs of foundation issues, don’t delay the repairs!   

If you wait, those minor repairs can easily turn into costly, long-term, and even multi-step issues. So, if you notice signs of foundation issues, call WTX Foundation Repair to inspect your foundation and see if foundation leveling is the right solution for your needs. It is best to repair foundations quickly to save money and keep your home safe!  

Why You Shouldn’t Wait on Foundation Issues  

What issues are you preventing when you repair your foundation now through leveling? A sturdy and level foundation extends the life of your foundation. So, you will (hopefully) avoid the necessity of paying for a new foundation earlier than you need to. Of course, a foundation that’s not level can lead to a whole range of other issues.  

  • Your walls may not be straight. 
  • Your ceilings won’t be square. 
  • You may face chimney issues, which can become a liability. 
  • Plumbing issues can lead to leaking, mold, and mildew.  

These issues may sound insignificant, but they can affect the resale value of your home while adversely affecting air quality and safety.   

What Is Foundation Leveling?  

With foundation leveling, our goal is to lift and stabilize a foundation that has settled. Doing this alleviates weight from crawlspaces, plumbing, vents, and drainage. Leveling can help to mitigate water-related issues such as leaking, bursting, and pooling. So, we may prevent further damage to drywall, brick, and bowing structures.   

After the foundation is secured back in place, we install steel Push Piers into loadbearing areas so that your house will be anchored to its proper place. So, it will no longer be susceptible to sinking. 

Find Out How WTX Foundation Repair Can Help!

If you have questions about the stability of your foundation, get a FREE consultation with us at WTX Foundation Repair today! Don’t put it off – save your foundation now to avoid issues in the future.