There are so many little signs of foundation issues. In fact, you probably will not notice them right away because they are so common in nearly every house. If you have an older home, live in an area with poorly compacted soil, or experience lots of harsh weather such as rain and wind, you are more likely to experience foundation issues. Keep an eye out for these symptoms of foundation sinking and settling:

foundation problems– Foundation cracks
– Ceiling cracks
– Wall cracks
– Windows/doors that stick or won’t open
– Leaky basement
– Leaning chimney
– Uneven or sloping floors
– Leaning or bowing walls
– Gaps and spaces in door/window frames

Alone these may not seem like a big deal, but they can be a sign of a much more serious problem. Your foundation is the thing that supports your home or business. Without it, parts of your home can collapse and crumble. That is why having a healthy foundation is so crucial. Our expert foundation repair team can provide you with a professional inspection and a free estimate so you know exactly what is wrong with your foundation and how we can fix it. We understand that repairs are expensive, so we will work with you within your budget while providing the best solutions for your problem.

Solutions for Foundation Problems

Underpinning is likely the repair route that will be used if you are experiencing these types of foundation problems. Underpinning not only fixes your foundation, but often fixes any cracks, door or window problems, sloping floors, and gaps or spaces that you are experiencing. This is because your foundation is back to its original level, and therefore your home is as well. We use underpinning products from Earth Contact Products (ECP). They are a top manufacturer of foundation repair products and piers, so you can be sure that your repairs last a lifetime! Contact us today to schedule your inspection and free estimate!