wtx foundation repairAs a homeowner or business owner, one of the things you might worry about the most is having a foundation problem. People worry about the cost of foundation repair. One thing we can tell you? If you leave foundation problems they can become a much bigger problem, with a bigger price tag. Knowing the signs of foundation problems is key. Click the button below to learn more about the most common problems we see around our area of Texas.

wtx foundation repair




If you notice cracks in your foundation, water seepage, floors sloping, or windows and doors that stick, it’s time to get help. Our team will come out and take a look at the problems you are seeing and make a recommendation on the correct solution for your problem. We understand foundations, waterproofing, and concrete and will find the best solution for your specific problem. Whether it is leveling your home with foundation piers (also called underpinning), or repairing cracked concrete slabs, we have the tools and professionals to fix your foundation for good.

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What is Underpinning?

One type of foundation repair solution is foundation piers, or steel piers. When your house is needs leveling, these piers can be installed beneath the foundation. They are driven deep into the soil beneath your home that is stable. This provides the support your foundation needs. These piers can then be used to help with lifting and leveling your home. This is a long term solution to a common problem. When is underpinning used? When the soil beneath a home is poorly compacted the foundation can settle leaving the foundation uneven. It can continue to sink over time if not repaired. Find out more about the underpinning products we use and if this process is right for you by giving us a call.