gaps & spacesHave you noticed that your front door has a space between it and its frame? Maybe you’ve noticed your walls becoming separated from the ceilings? These are prime examples of gaps & spaces that are caused by foundation movement. You may see gaps & spaces appear alongside floor or wall cracks, sticking doors & windows, and other common foundation problems. We highly recommend giving a foundation repair professional a call if you are seeing issues like these around your home or business. We here at WTX Foundation Repair can give you a free in-home inspection as well as a free estimate. We’ll help make sure your home or business is safe and secure for years to come.

Causes of Gaps & Spaces

When you find gaps, you might be wondering what has caused them! Well, most of the time, gaps are due to the foundation beginning to sink. Foundations sink when the soil underneath them no longer supports them. The soil may have eroded away with rain over time or become compressed under the weight of the foundation. Either way, the foundation has sank and the floors have likely moved with it, which has caused the gaps you see. The good news is that this can be fixed relatively easily!

Solutions for Sinking Foundations

There is a relatively easy solution for this problem. Foundation repair will fix many common problems such as gaps & spaces, sticking doors & windows, and even cracks! Contact us and we’ll find out exactly what the problem is, what solutions are available, and which repairs are the best for your budget. Underpinning is one of the best options for foundation repair. We will use piers that are driven into load bearing soils to lift and stabilize your foundation. Once the foundation is lifted, the floors or walls that had moved will also be put back into place, effectively fixing your gaps & spaces or other common problems. Give us a call today for repairs!