What is better than a warm spring evening out on the back deck with a bonfire, some great food, and friends and family? There is not much! So now is the time to make sure your outdoor space is level and even so your guests do not have to worry about tripping, falling, or an uneven surface. Many outdoor spaces are concrete slabs and it can be frustrating when they begin to sink and become uneven or cracked. Rather than ripping out the entire concrete slab and replacing it, consider concrete leveling instead!

Fix Slabs with Concrete Levelingconcrete lifting

WTX Foundation Repair can provide you with concrete leveling services using polyurethane foam. Polyurethane foam can be injected under failing concrete slabs. The polyurethane then expands and fills the void that is underneath the slab. The foam then lifts up the concrete back into its original position and can immediately be used. No curing time! Polyurethane is strong and water resistant, making it a great tool for supporting concrete for years to come.

Polyurethane foam injection is a simple, clean process. There is no major excavation. A dime sized hole is drilled into the concrete and the foam is injected through that. You may have heard of mudjacking, which is an alternative to polyurethane foam injection. Mudjacking is much more invasive with larger holes and heavy equipment. Mudjacking is also not a permanent solution because it is not water resistant. Mudjacking will likely wash away over time, leaving another void under your concrete slab within a few years.

If you are looking to have some great get-togethers with friends and family this spring and summer, make sure to give us a call here at WTX Foundation Repair and ask for an estimate. We have FREE estimates! We’ll help you create a great outdoor space.