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Over time, you might notice cracks developing on your property. While these cracks could stay outside your home, you might also see cracks in your property’s drywall. Unfortunately, you might ignore these drywall cracks altogether or patch them for a quick fix. First, however, you must be aware of these cracks’ causes and why fixing them is essential.   

As buildings get older, the soil underneath tends to settle and shift, jeopardizing the structural integrity of your home. Also, as the foundation starts to sink, walls can begin to show cracks due to gravity pulling down on your house.   

What Do Drywall Cracks Signify? 

While cracks in drywall can be linked with a few different causes, they’re commonly associated with foundational issues stemming from any of the following:  

  • Shifting/settling soil  
  • Large tree roots interfering with the foundation  
  • Plumbing leaks  

Some non-foundational issues can cause cracking, too, such as:  

  • Seasonal changes   
  • Fluctuation in temperature  

If you’re unsure what’s causing the cracks, there are a few ways to determine the severity and root problem.  

If the crack is wider than 1/16 of an inch or growing horizontally, have it checked out right away. When dealing with your home’s foundation, it’s better to be safe than sorry.  

What Are the Signs to Look For? 

If you’re noticing cracks, try checking the rest of your home to find any other telltale signs of an unstable foundation, including:  

  • Horizontal cracks  
  • Gaps between windows  
  • Uneven floors  
  • Cracked chimneys  
  • Stair-step cracks between bricks  
  • Bowing walls  
  • Doors and windows that don’t open or shut properly  

If you find more than one of these, it’s usually a surefire sign you need to get your foundation checked right away.  

Can You Easily Repair Cracks?  

While you can seal cracks for aesthetic purposes, it doesn’t “repair” anything. It’s the equivalent of putting a Band-Aid over a large wound. While it can cover it up, it’s not going to do much to prevent the situation from worsening.  

Patching up cracks in drywall is just a short-term solution and won’t do anything to stop the root of the problem. Instead, to effectively control the growing foundational issues, we recommend you call our team to assess the cracks to determine if there are greater implications for your home’s foundation.  

Find Out How WTX Foundation Repair Can Help  

Instead of ignoring the issue and risking future hassles, have one of our experts at WTX Foundation Repair inspect your home. Our professionals will determine the severity of the cracks and foundational issues and then make the necessary repairs!  

Remember, foundation problems are not something to ignore. Contact WTX Foundation Repair now to set your mind at ease! 

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