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Repairing a pier and beam foundation can be daunting, but ensuring your home’s safety and security is essential. This guide will break down the necessary steps for repairing a pier and beam foundation, from assessing the damage to restoring your house.

Identify the Type of Foundation You Have

The first step in repairing a pier and beam foundation is to identify the type of foundation you have. There are a few different types of foundations, such as post and beam, slab on grade, crawlspace, and pier and beam foundations. Identifying the type of foundation you have will help you understand what kind of repairs you need to make. Our team at WTX can help you identify your foundation type.

Diagnose the Structural Problems with Your Foundation

To effectively repair a pier and beam foundation, we diagnose the structural problems causing it to fail. Common signs include a sloping or uneven floor, cracks in your walls or floors, etc. We also inspect the foundation for water damage around your house’s perimeter and any crawlspaces or basements for water issues. Doing this will help us identify the source of the problem so we can make appropriate repairs.

Take Necessary Safety Precautions

Before beginning any repairs, it’s essential to ensure we take the necessary safety precautions. For example, if your foundation requires significant crawling or digging into any walls or floors, we take the appropriate safety precautions. We wear protective gear and ensure items around the work area are secure. Additionally, we rely our years of experience as well as our knowledge of building codes and regulations.

Prepare for the Repairs

Before our team begins the repair process, we’ll take some time to ensure the area is well-prepared. We’ll remove dirt and debris from around the house or structure with a broom. Then, we’ll use a pressure washer to clean off any remaining residue. We will properly inspect any support poles, beams, and foundations for cracks or damage – this will help us determine what needs to be repaired and ensure no potential hazards are present in the workspace.

Install Pier Supports and Pads as Necessary

The next step is installing your pier supports and pads, if necessary. Measurement is critical here – we ensure your supports fit correctly and snugly into their place. We use the advanced technology and tools to ensure they are placed perfectly. As we install the pier supports and pads, we check the posts periodically for levelness with a standard four-foot level. We ensure that they are correctly aligned and stabilized.

Call the Foundation Repair Pros!

Whatever foundation repair issues arise, WTX Foundation repair is ready to help get it fixed. We’re a name that you can trust with an experienced team of professionals who are prepared to provide you with the best quality care that service can provide. If you have concrete issues, don’t wait! Call us today. We’ll make sure your foundation repairs are done right.

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