We offer waterproofing services for your home. We focus on getting to the root of the problem and resolving the foundation repair issue that is usually the cause. When your basement or crawlspace floods, you see foundation cracks or have bowing walls, etc. you are probably suffering from the symptoms of a bigger problem which is foundation damage.

If you fix the small, surface-level problems first, you will end up ignoring the larger issue of foundation repair and the problem will return. That’s why it’s so important to get a professional estimate instead of trying to DIY foundation repair.

We offer waterproofing services in Amarillo, Texas, Lubbock, Texas, Dallas, Texas, and Albuquerque, New Mexico.


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Many approaches to keeping water out of the basement. What's best for you?

Foundation waterproofing is the process of preventing water intrusion, from subtle water seepage to flooding when the ground is over-saturated. There are several approaches and products for waterproofing a foundation and strong proponents of one method over another. Like many home repair jobs, foundation water problems typically can’t be solved with a single product or treatment.

As experts in waterproofing and moisture control, WTX specializes in designing waterproofing systems to fit the individual needs of a home. 

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Dampproofing is when a waterproof coating is applied to the foundation to keep out soil moisture. This approach is more concerned with the moisture rather than breaches of rain or ground water through cracks.

Dampproofing is a coating that is sprayed on or brushed on to the outside of the foundation walls. Dampproofing is often required in many states for buildings to pass code. Waterproof coatings have several drawbacks, including an inability to seal large cracks or holes and the risk for damage caused by backfill that’s coarse or improperly installed.

Waterproofing paints and primers

While protecting against groundwater or rainwater breaches is important, if moisture is not taken into account, waterproof layers can separate from concrete over time.

Waterproofing paint is also a common DIY waterproofing solution. In general, waterproofing paint is a thicker version of acrylic paint that you would use to paint the walls in any other room in your home. So it provides more protection but still has its drawbacks.

Applying waterproofing paint to the inside of your basement walls won’t stop water seepage through cracks or porous concrete. Bubbles can eventually form under the paint and cause it to peel off the wall. The paint can also trap condensation inside the foundation wall, contributing to bigger, more expensive problems.

Keep in mind that waterproofing paint is usually thought of as a cosmetic fix and will not work at all if the source of the water problem isn’t addressed.

Exterior drainage systems

Exterior drainage systems are a viable option for waterproofing your home’s foundation. That being said they also have their drawbacks as they are prone to clog. 

Exterior foundation waterproofing involves digging down to the foundation footer to install or replace drainage pipes, commonly known as a “French drain system”.

Exterior foundation waterproofing is more expensive than other methods due to the excavation. Another downside to consider is the disruption to landscaping, porches, and driveways. Your yard will be getting dug up in areas. 

Interior drainage systems

The most popular way to keep a basement dry is to capture and remove water with a perimeter drain and sump pump system.

An interior drainage system is the least disruptive method to waterproof your home’s foundation. It is one of the only solutions that address the real core of the issue with water breaching your foundation: pressure.

Interior drainage systems usually begin with the interior perimeter of the concrete floor being jackhammered and then drainage piping is installed. This routes water that enters the basement to a pump system that actively removes the water.


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