Soils and Foundation

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Why do foundation problems occur? Where do these challenges begin and where do they end? The answers to these questions are not always simple. In fact, they are quite complex, but at the end of these questions stems one concept: soils. Soil plays a huge factor in how our foundations settle, sink, form cracks, and the like. Furthermore, depending what type of soil we are dealing with, severe water damage can also occur. Typically speaking, there are three soil texture types that lead to foundation issues: compacted, expanded, and oversaturated.

Moreover, a variety of factors influence soil texture types. However, most soils are affected by seasonal weather changes, the age of the soil (generally speaking) and the condition of the soil when the foundation was constructed. Either way, without proper qualifications and experience, it can be difficult to understand where foundation complications started. Therefore, it can be challenging to solve these complications. This is where qualified professionals come into play.  WTX Foundation Repair can help you with all of your foundation issues. We consider ourselves industry certified professionals in foundation repair. Additionally, we  strive to give our clients accurate information regarding ‘all’ things related foundational and waterproof.

Soil Texture Types

For instance, take a look at this short video that clarifies soil texture types:


Clearly, soil textures have a lot to do with foundation issues. Poor compaction, over saturation, and expansive soils  definitely lead to a variety of foundation related problems.  Please contact WTX Foundation Repair so we can analyze your foundation needs today and give you a free estimate.