While we love to see the winter season disappear, the onset of spring rains can bring problems. Your foundation might be suffering from cracks, erosion, or even leaking or flooding. Make sure to call in the professionals when your foundation needs help. What foundation repair solutions are available?

New Cracks in Your Foundation

New cracks around your foundation after lots of rain are a reason to worry. While some cracks–like those that are about the width of a penny or less–are usually just a result of natural settlement, new cracks that appear after a storm could be a sign that your foundation is damaged.

foundation repair solutions for spring rainWhen the soil around the home becomes saturated with water, it becomes heavy and begins to push against the foundation which can cause cracks. These cracks can let in water, bugs, and pests. They may eventually cause bowing or leaning walls if left unchecked. However, don’t panic–just call the professionals at WTX for an estimate! We’re happy to check out any foundation cracks and determine if they need repair.

Water in the Crawlspace or Basement

If you see water in your crawlspace or basement, don’t ignore it! You might believe that cleaning it up and setting up a fan is enough, but unfortunately there can be bigger foundation problems hiding below the surface. At WTX, we offer waterproofing services to prevent water from entering the home at all. However, we always want to make sure that we get to the root of the issue before performing any waterproofing. In most cases, this will be foundation problems.

If there are no foundation problems, the water might be coming from somewhere else, like an improperly sealed window. In this case, it’s still wise to check the foundation. Water in the crawlspace or basement is never something to take lightly. Call WTX for an estimate if you see water in your basement or crawlspace.

Foundation Repair Solutions from WTX

foundation repair springThere are a few possible solutions for foundation damage, and they will depend on what exactly is going on and where you’re located. There are different types of soil and different climates in different areas of Texas, and this will affect how we approach resolving the foundation repair issue. However, generally we will use underpinning techniques like steel push piers. If you have bowing walls, foundation cracks, or even water in the basement it’s time to call WTX and see how we can work with you to get your home stable and safe once again.

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