stair problemsWhen you walk up the steps to your front door, are they tilted, uneven or sinking? Maybe you have tripped going up them? It may be accompanied by cracks, as well. Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence because just like your home’s foundation, your stairs can sink and settle. When the soil underneath the steps moves, your stairs can move with it.

You can avoid stair problems by having proper drainage and gutters. Water that builds up around your home can cause soil to expand and contract as it soaks and dries, which causes movement. It can also cause soil to erode away, leaving behind voids underneath your stairs. With no support underneath them, your stairs will begin to sink and settle, and it will not necessarily happen evenly. One side may sink more than the other.

Solutions for Stair Problems

stair problemsIf you already have stair problems, you do not need to worry! WTX Foundation Repair is here to help you. We can use polyurethane foam or piers to lift and level your stairs. Polyurethane foam is a cost-effective option for smaller lifting jobs. It also barely disturbs the surrounding area. A small hole is drilled into the concrete and polyurethane foam is injected into the void underneath the stairs. The foam rapidly expands and gives support to the stairs, lifting them back into place.

Underpinning, or using piers, tend to provide a stronger repair, but is more expensive. A pier will be driven into stable, load bearing soil and then it will lift and support your stairs. This is a permanent fix since it is supported by load bearing soil.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. We also provide free in-home inspection and estimates. We want to help make your home safe and secure from foundation issues, and that includes stair problems. Give us a call today!