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At WTX Foundation Repair, we have created a patented WTX PPB-600 concentric pier. The WTX PPB-600 is the latest in concrete resistance piering, using a unique design and engineering to allow you to use WTX push pier technology directly beneath the load or footing. The concrete cylinder design penetrates the soil to load-bearing strata. As a leader in technology, we have created the most robust and deepest driving concentric pier system on the market today!   

What is The WTX Concentric Pier?

Concrete piers are pressed, dense concrete pillars that are solid enough to maintain the structure level when doing foundation repair. You no longer have to settle for weak, shallow driving under footing piers. The PPB-600 pier system drives deeper, lifts larger loads, and is more stable than any other concentric pier on the market. The staff at WTX developed this pier to be placed directly under loads for crawl space applications, limited access areas, and slab-on-grade homes.  

The PPB-600 steel pier was designed to be the strongest foundation pier in the industry by combining concrete cylinders with a steel bracket designed for a manifold lifting system. It is installed centrally beneath the footing rather than outside of the footing, thus transferring the structural load directly on top of the pier bracket. Our concentric pier system will achieve the greatest depth while installed in a position to provide the strongest support.   

Designed to be the Strongest Foundation Structural Support in the Industry   

Engineers designed the PPB-600 for homeowners using brackets made from steel, and the concentric pier is sturdy enough for commercial foundations, ensuring your house will be no problem. The PPB-600 uses a hydraulic manifold lifting system to precisely control the hydraulics. Paired with the industry-leading 10,000 psi system, your home or commercial building will be sturdy and safe for years to come.   

WTX Concentric Pier Stats:   

  • Ultimate Capacity – 54,000 lb.  
  • Fully Adjustable 4” Lift Capability  
  • Installs From Outside or Inside Structure  
  • Installs With Portable Equipment  
  • Installed With Little or No Vibration  
  • Installs To Verified Load Bearing Stratum  
  • 100% of Piers Field Load Tested During Installation  

When Should WTX Concrete Piers be Used to Reinforce My Foundation?  

If your home’s foundation needs help, concrete piers are a highly effective foundation repair method for homes with damaged or sagging foundations. Utilizing piers as a means of stabilizing a foundation outweighs the cost of not using piers given the added strength and stability. Oftentimes, concrete foundations don’t need to be torn out and replaced entirely. A professional foundation repair company will be able to inform you if your foundation can be repaired. Foundation piers are commonly considered the best for foundation repair because they can carry the load-bearing weight of a heavy structure.   

Why WTX?  

At WTX Foundation Repair, we offer thorough inspections to pinpoint any foundation issues before they become significant problems. We will help give you peace of mind that you’re getting the best possible foundation repair for the right price. Our patented WTX PPB-600 concentric pier will professionally correct your foundation problems. If you believe your home’s foundation is in trouble, you can depend on WTX for the best in quality foundation repair and superior customer service. We offer free consultations, honest recommendations, 0% financing, and a 100% lifetime warranty. Protect your home or business today and head to our website for more information on our services! 

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