When you have a crack in your home, it is likely that your first thought for crack repair is to fill those cracks with caulking, a new coat of paint, or other quick and easy solutions. It may seem like an obvious choice since it is cheap and doesn’t require a professional. And although it might be enough for small, hairline cracks, caulking will not be enough to fix wider cracks. Caulking does have the benefit of keeping out water or pests, but only for the time being. It does not take care of the root of the problem, which is usually foundation problems.

Foundation Problems and How to Spot Them

crack repairWhen a foundation begins to sink and settle, it puts pressure on walls, causing them to split apart and crack. This can allow water and pests into your home! Until the root of the problem is taken care of–the foundation sinking–the cracks will continue to get worse as the foundation continues to sink over time.

If your home is older, has bad drainage, or was built on poorly compacted soil, you are more likely to experience foundation problems, but any home is susceptible! Keep an eye out for other signs of foundation issues such as sloping floors, sticking doors and windows, basement mold and mildew, water leaks, bowing walls, and wood rot. If you have cracks alongside these problems, your home or business is likely in need of foundation repair services.

Foundation repair, or underpinning, uses piers (our come from Earth Contact Products) that are driven into load-bearing soil and then utilized to lift and stabilize the foundation. Once the foundation is lifted back into its original position, cracks will close, sloped floors will level out, and doors and windows will open and close easily once again. Essentially, foundation repairs will help fix a variety of problems in your home.

If you are in need of crack repair, consider making sure that foundation problems are not the root of the issue with a free inspection and estimate! Contact us today here at WTX Foundation Repairs. We serve the Amarillo, TX and Lubbock, TX area! Give us a call today for foundation repair, waterproofing, and concrete lifting and leveling services.