concrete liftingIt can be frustrating when your concrete slabs or steps begin to sink, settle, or crack. If you have had it happen, you understand exactly what we mean. That spot you always have to warn people about when they visit your home. “Watch out, don’t trip on that crack in the driveway!” This can happen to your garage floor, driveway, sidewalk, or porch steps. Not only is it a dangerous tripping hazard, it can be very unappealing and lower the value of your property. Rather than having the entire concrete slab ripped up and replaced, you can simply fix it with an expanding polyurethane foam.

How Concrete Lifting Works

If you have a concrete slab or steps that are sinking, it is likely due to a void that is underneath your concrete. We here at WTX Foundation Repair provide concrete lifting services. We use a rapidly expanding polyurethane foam to fill the empty space below your settling concrete. It is injected through small holes that are drilled into the concrete. As the foam expands, it lifts and levels your concrete, bringing it back to its original position. This will fix cracks or uneven slabs. Once the process is complete, it can almost immediately be used. In other words, there is no curing time. The holes that were drilled are filled and patched, leaving almost no sign that we were there! The polyurethane foam is waterproof, so it won’t wash away with rain. This option is much more cost efficient than concrete replacement and much less damaging to the surrounding property or landscaping.

Contact us today if you have sinking, settling, cracking, or uneven concrete slabs or steps. We can help you lift your concrete so that you no longer have to worry about tripping hazards or unattractive concrete. Give us a call to schedule your concrete lifting inspection and estimate!